Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy
you left so soon–

I was not ready. . .
I felt alone. . .

the love you gave to me,
I missed so much. . .
the wonder ways
you had
to teach
and touch,
to give me things
I’d want and need. . .

and when I was uneasy,
you found good ways
to bring me ease. . .

you took us places
in the sun,

made toys, found stuff to do
that gave us lots of fun,

you sought out ways
to bring us all together,

and make me brave
to do things that
I wanted to,
but scared me,
left me
in a stew,
my nerves to tense,
and muscles,

You imbued me with a lot of sense
and did much more–
SO SO much more–
that it’s probably
much forgotten
by my conscious memory,

And, even though
it seems a lifetime
that you last set eyes on me,
I often cry
about the fact
that you played
your final act,
after only just three score.

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