Wonderful things lurk in places
you never even knew existed
until you look.

Looking may involve
clumsy new
and vastly different choices,
but lots of time was and is wasted,
with risks you feared so much,
you never took,

because what sang to you
from your heart’s chamber voices
were deep, wise yens
that you too long resisted,

but, bolder now,
you have strode steady to the source,
and let yourself let go,
rest into who you are,
though you’ve trekked far. . .

then settle in,
even if it means you are protected by
a different set of stars,
and get refreshed, and be restored
by the cooling, warming, living water
of the Universe’s restoring babbling brook,

and gather strength to choose again,
and you will find
your destination
is the right one,

for the singing of your heart,
from a truly peaceful resting place
has a certain signature
so clear
it would not come to pass
that you mistook.

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