When crazy-making sees its heyday,
so helpful on any kind of hazy breaking,
later baking Saturday,
let those intermittent winds
sweep you off to the farmers’ market,

for there,
you know it’s possible
to take all your insanity
straight to the gate and simply park it,

And then,
survey the sundry plenty produce stands for free,
drink in the vibrant colors,
and chill amid the freshest and the calmest chi,
then touch and pick sweet, tender bits to satisfy
the earthly strength of body-mind
and other-worldly soul’s wise eye,

so that you may well chance to come away
with a better sense of solid ground,
where you can weather
all the elements,

and, when your heart sings out its siren call,
you grow eager to trek through ordeals
so when that ship arrives on time to fetch you,
you’re ready to embark it.

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