A generation. . .
an accumulation. . .

a mess. . .
countless trials, errors, tribulations–

the present moment
is your test. . .

Can you initiate
accrual’s excruciating slowing
and eventual cessation?

Can you let in sufficient breath
and revel in the emptiness
that weaves its way
through your bright being’s basic operation?

Can you open up a trail
that allows whatever particle of love
you hold for you
expand, bloom and prevail,
so that it sparks a steady fire
to warm and lay the ground and time and space
for self-devoted veneration?

Can you let that
lead to trust
and letting go
to let kind nature take its course
toward empty fullness,
silent stillness,
vibrant movement,
and a growing into unity
of all the Universe’s vast Creation?

Can you say yes?

If you’re ready,
then, lets go!–

And hold tight for a wild ride
into a brand new kind
of transformation. . .

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