Take a breath,
and open up
the space
between the cells
that form your heart,

though, to expose your soul
in such a change abrupt
feels like to dwell
in your dark
nightmare of death,

Exhale, inhale. . .
and gently let,
along with oxygen,
a brand new friend
come in,
despite your shaking trepidation.. .

Surely, yay, you need
to stay the course
with flowering heart,
and lungs that breathe,

+++++ all while you’d prefer
+++++ either holding it and you,
+++++ quite wretched-numb,
+++++ or, to the siren call, succumb
+++++ of the awkward bowing-out escape
+++++ by anxious hyperventilation,

in your uneasy ignorance
of what will need to give,
and what from
touch upon your life
of these seeming friendly ones
may come,

and in the cloud
of your resistance
to letting in
their own particular rays of sun,

you must find a way
simply to start–

Let friends and fresh air in. . .

Relax into
whatever modicum of trust
from your deepest guts
you, with your essential strength,
can wrest,

to let you, yourself, and you
see, and be seen, too. . .
hear and be heard;
feel and be felt;
smell and be smelt;
and in some very special cases,
to taste and scarily be tasted. . .

For, eventually
a life will come and hold together
better when there are,
to seal its seams,
more than just one
lonely thread there,

And yes,
the eye of needle
does not so ea-sil-
take two,

And hearts
get hard
from big, bad hurts,
whose aim was all too true,

And then, it’s tough
to see which ones
of all humanity
can be, for you,
as friends,
the real, real deal,

And you really won’t quite know,
before, with them,
you take some time
actually to play,
and learn slowly
when to retreat, and when approach,
how to meet, and how to part,
and which steps, sequences, and patterns
suit your special dance with them the most,

and, it truly is a process
+++++with absolutely anyone,
+++++from tender babes,
+++++all the way
+++++to folks in tough old age,
you’ll move and learn all through your life,

the savage, cultivated blooming of the heart
needs water, air, and sun to fill you,
along with your permission, too,
to keep it going
in the making
of its daily, everlasting art.

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