Listen to the sound of your own voice.

Inside your heart,
your gut,
your throat,
your head. . .

Even if
no one else
outside of you
can hear
that anything is being said,

Don’t lose the track
of that most vital stream,
an airy column-thread. . .

Feed it–
let your belly billow,
with a smooth, straight flow
of delving-low,
deep-reaching breath. . .

Relax your jaw
your face,
your neck

and let that grounded,
fully rounded strength
propel your song,
your talk,
your expressed choice

quite well,
to that part of you
that guides you intellectually,

and let it know
it is just fine
to go
and grow,
in your own time,
and unique way,

that feels AND calms
your sorrows,
and also
nourishes and notices
your greatest joys. . .

And keep your reach
and mood
and mind
and eyes

ever more
outward, upward,

moving, curving
’round the Earth,

yet also fixed
toward ever-changing
sunny, starry,
inky, moonlit

as you stand,
and, enchanted,
make no noise.

Until come slightly
different days,
when you need
much less to think,
for now you know,
by all you do,
you’ve taken in
and given out
in easy, natural, graceful flow
the things that you
and only you
could get and give,

And in so doing,
you’ve shown a couple others
as you’ve learned,
how they, too,
may thrive and live,

till you and they
can rest quite easy
in each breath,

knowing that you’ve done
and have become
your really, truly, very best.

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