Today I’ll say,

All the very best,
to mothers
who pour
lots of love and light in,
who enjoy and quite delight in,
take pride in,
and, maybe now and then,
feel fright in
the sight of their growing children

to children
who laugh and smile at
any gestures from their mothers
who’ve bounced them joyfully on their laps,
even though a few of those
may be quite clumsy gaffes,
or kids who shudder at the thought
that, if they don’t do as they’re taught,
mom might turn from them
to prefer then
their sister
or their brother,

One way or the other,
the power of a mother
tends to bend her kids’ paths,
as a boat turns by its rudder,

in their presence
or their absence,
or in some company,
in fondness or difficulty,
in edged anticipation
or in faded memory,

the story of a mother for a child
or a child for her mom
is, in its very self,
a peerless treasury,

no matter what,
it’s a good bet,
and their children
can’t one another
really quite so easily forget,

all of them
are such rare
and truly special creatures,

that, if we think
we know them through
from core to skin
and head to toe,
we’re apt one day to find
out of the blue,
there’s really ever so much more
to know about them yet.

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