It’s wicked good
that you can roll–
and even speed–
and coast downhill,

for that
oh so
super feel
of being freed,

which so well tends
that deep down yen
you seek to feed,
when you fully live that thrill–
though it can sometimes
takes its toll. . .

And it’s also very good
if you can keep
a certain buoyancy of spirit,

but when your trusty parts
grow old,
and start to creak their weary call,
it’s also vital that you hear it. . .

Because, while buoyancy
and reeling speed
can wield their wiles
to make you feel
they’re all it takes,
that is a risky fallacy–

To get you through
to where
you want to go
and all the things
you want to see and do,

the counter strength
must pair with
motion’s force and length
in true polarity,

so you can slow
and sometimes pause
to shape your fate,

when you give love
in the direction of
the power of your brakes.

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