When dead of winter licks
like piling crystalline snowflakes
or hits you
like a pitter-patter rainy
ton of bricks,

you gotta learn
to find within yourself
just what it takes,
to mend your
frozen pains and aches
and activate
your large capacity innate
to learn,

so you can light
the fire of your life,

tap into earth and sky
and wield their power to ignite,
to see you through the cold
with their long, slow steady burn,
as they have done since days of old. . .

come summer,
flow with change,
for change you will,

and you need be ready
to hone like golden honey
a very different skill–

when heat from sun
fiercely down
upon you pounds,
you gotta
keep your cool,
free your body,

venture out from the small turf
you’ve called your comfort grounds,

and though you’re doing, being,
moving ’round all over,
don’t forget
sometimes to pause–

get your hot head together–
have it play nice
with your soothing
heart and liver,
as you learn,
+++++ without resorting to
+++++ a boxed deep freeze
+++++ or block of ice,
+++++ or lots of precious water
+++++ that could feel good on you spilled,

to find the calm,
relaxing mode in you
that shifts your
great, grand being
for a stretch
to rest
and breathe more slow,
so you expand
in your capacity
to chill.

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