What do you want this day to be?

Look quick,
With your mind’s eye!–

Survey the different views. . .

Don’t think
(too much)
don’t make it wrong–
the things you see
you deeply want to do,
or have,
or be,
or touch–

And then,
on your very
next quick blink,
imbibe the life
by drawing in
a billowed breath
from the wild blue O2 airy,
which fills and feeds our living space
like sandwich filling
spread between
the slice
of solid earth below,
and the vasty heavens over you
so sunny, starry. . .

Then go!–

And do and have
and be
and touch,
all the things you want,

for though
you pace the way
that’s right for you,
(no big huge rush),

today’s the time,
to seize your life,
and make your vision real,
for this universal moment,

and in theory,
that can set you
on the sort of course and keel
that can sail you to
a marvelous tomorr-ey.

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