Slogged through
to finish
a dragging piece
of much too long
unfinished business,

still not quite ready now,
to decompress
and celebrate,
and feel how
on this track
to do
my very best,
+++++though compared
+++++with pure perfection
+++++it certainly is less,
is apt
to let me breathe
in and out
according to
my alternating
+++++my deepest nourishment
+++++++++++++++++++++++++and sweet surrender

I know that this discovery
is no mind bender
lurking furtive in the trees,
and may not get
me into heaven’s gate. . .

But if I persevere
with all the cutting, mustered strength
that I can somehow manage,
in this upward shot of spring
to get,

I just might
get a minute
to revel
in this hint
of the vast Infinite
as seen
on the surface
of one well wiped
and brand-clean slate,

all ready for whatever
I can draw or write
in a magic chalk of white,

or by other means
the stuff of
all my highest, deepest dreams
on that solid black board
to create.

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