You can’t begin
to smash into oblivion
this dreadful noise
and all the ways
that it annoys,

But there’s ways
that you can work with it–
take a walk,
for instance,
and thus twixt it and you
interpose some buffer distance. . .

This won’t exactly
stop the noise
from being
a big you-bugger,
much less make you
a true blue noise lover,
or even
raise your noise resistance,

but it will at least
give you a respite
though it sends no message
to the perpetrators,
who will not cease from
what they do,
even if you ask them to,
and your objection
is so clearly just
they really, truly get it,

and that respite
shall bring right on along
a certain modicum of ease,
which for this moment,
may be all
that your brain
and body need,

to get a vital foretaste
of what
it, one day, will be
to find,
to claim,
to sanctify
a long-awaited,
with breath bated,
everlasting peace.

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