Find your heart.

And there,
together press your palms,
for you stand
so darn poised
at the start
and yet
you still have
plenty qualms. . .

Life’s not just
a little toy,
but you suspect
that it can be
a great big joy.

But it may take
a little study
till you can make
a joyful noise,
(for now you don’t know how
you’re not quite ready). . .

You still can do some gathering
of all that pent up,
great big feeling
and find some way to let it out–
you know it’s time-
you feel it in your bones,

and though the creaking
and the squeaking
give you pause,
do not keep it in–
open wide your lips
and jaws. . .

Today, right now,
you can at least begin–
accept a beautiful deep breath
and feel it
from all your thickest hiding places
to your outermost thin skin

and celebrate your very best
your deepest
inner sanctum jewel chest

whence will come
the sounds that till now
were not heard
nor shown–
those growing-pained,
groundbreaking moans..

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