Going for it.
Nothing like it.

Really the only
way to know
what will occur–

With that big pile
of wood
you’ve so long stacked,
the only way
for it to serve
as fuel
is to ignite it–

it could stink,
be just OK
or be a blur,
be hard
or easy–

but anyway,
there’s still the chance
you just might like it–

So step out,
or drive
or ski
or dive
or fly
or bus it, train it,
hike it, bike it. . .

And if it requires
you must be heard,
and your voice
peals with a raspy tone,
get some help
better to speak or sing,
your vocal chords to hone,

and give your message
or do it
in a loud clear yelp,
(it does so little
locked in your chest,
or on a shelf),

Speak out your truth
any which way
that suits your style,

and be it quickly,
or in a little while,
you will have learned,
and one big smile
you will have earned,
when you do
yes, for them,
who will come
also to it,

but chiefly,
for that lovely,
priceless one
you call yourself.

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