To want. . .

To be willing. . .

It is one thing
to want to be

as smart
as was old Kant–

but first,
you must be ready
to leave behind
the well-worn rabbit holes
you haunt. . .

and meanwhile,
in inimitable style,
much sand
down through
the hourglass
is spilling. . .

There’s very little time
it takes
to trace
a human palm’s

In light of that,
it is so much
more of a crime
when you truly
too much time
are killing. . .

You want.
That’s true.

You want
for that very life
you know
was meant to be
for you. . .

But what is it exactly is it?
And which way moves
you toward it?

Where in the heck
does the road
that takes you there
cross your road now?–

How far is it to go?–
Can you afford it?

Do the two roads

You feel
you have no clue. . .

One way
to learn
is act,
and think,
and meditate–

drop all thought,
and extra rot,
and wipe your mind
and heart
to clean and empty slates,

and then, light starts
to shine right through–
your vision
becomes clear to you,

and then,
you find
you’re willing to take any path,
if that is what it takes,

you work
in line
with your
and THE
grand plan,

and you will see
the happiness
in you
and folks around
the Earth’s wide span,

when you do
everything you can,

and finally know–
+++++through stillness, movement,
+++++blocks and flow–
the wondrous difference
that that makes.

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