Sitting pensive
at the edge. . .

Judging just
of your comfort
and your effort
it would be expensive
to leave,
and thus bereave yourself
of your firm footing
(or was that merely seating?)
on this very cozy ledge.

With tip of nose
and downward roll
of searching eyes,
your tempted gaze
gets curious,

and though you fear,
you also feel a little furious
at how this homey, nest-like ledge
has held you so long
like a cage–

Ideas start to occur to you
of the wonders
that can wander in
and be conferred on you,
if you should dare take flight
in your best try
at a swan dive,
which, for the moment,
pumps quick blood
and renders you
much more alive. . .

But the levity
of surrendering
to this dynamic gravity
is not merely
a fleeting footnote comment–

rather, it’s the very way
that puts you
right out
in the fray,
where you will live
and be the change–

You take, you give,

with that generous exchange
and all imperfect movements
through it
all gain–
no one will be deprived,

comes open flow
that risks contact
with all and one and anything
along its track,

and that’s what proves the crucial thing
that brings the very heart of you,
to beat,
to love,
to thrive.

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