Do not let the plight
of another
too much
break your heart–

It will tend to cloud your sight,
just when push may come to shove here–

stay with yourself in touch. . .

you cannot walk them in arrears,
you cannot be their rudder
no matter how your soul
may ache with love here–

It might be a different thing
if from the get-go
you could teach them how
to talk and walk and dance and sing,

at this point
there’s just so much
a mortal may
to slog their way
through all this muck,

and though it may be possible,
it really isn’t plausible
that you will be
the white horseman
riding in to save the day,

A broken heart’s
too high a price
for anyone to pay–

It’s like the
plane masks’ pumped O2–
them second,
but first it must be you. . .

To do it
any other way
is horse hooked after cart
you will not get too far that way–
your burden will more heavy weigh–

and if you wish
a while yet
on this life course
to stay,

I strongly would suggest to you,
it simply isn’t smart.

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