Fly that flag!

Sew together colors
that stay fast
in any kind
of wind or rain
or weather!

raise it high!

So that people see it
far and wide!

Craft it of your deepest soul
and the treasures
that it holds,

unlike the worldly flags
of nations
or of other
that honor only some,
but leave the others
in the cold,

this one couches
something very different
in its folds–

And so very strong
it stands
not for the claims
of some one land,

but for love
and peace and joy
that everywhere
so it can

for every person
living high or low,
or wet or dry,

all breathing in
the one same air
enveloped by
that curving space up there,
which we know and cherish
as our life-giving,
ever-arching sky.

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