What do you do
when the better half of you
has gone so far away?

And it must tend
to part of it
that, at the end of day,
when it just comes down to it,
cannot long stay?

it is clear,
for the good,
life-giving part
of that other, better half,
the vital end is drawing near.

And so, for now,
he must be there–
not here–
and love her, help her
till she’s in the clear.

And, while I did not
come from her,
and remain here,
some of my spirit
there with them
for, too, to me,
she has grown dear,

All I can do
is wait and pray,
and wish all
and a path
that’s smooth as possible,

for a walk
that may not walk,
for a meal that may not swallow–

and think,
“What can I learn from them,
what, from their model,
can I follow?”–

As they move through,
as loving human beings do,
a hard-to-climb
tall mountain range,
climbed all the same,
though steeped in pain,
though full of sorrow.

For though they’ll reach
a kind of end,
when the day comes
that that happens,

I will be happy,
to kiss home
my better half
and dearest friend,
and know
I will walk on with him,
once the grief,
over healing time,
has settled. . .

so, together,
we can face
a very new and bright
and marvelous tomorrow.

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  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Agonizing beautiful questions

  2. julianlsouth says:

    I love the way your poems rhyme unexpectedly mid-lilt. It’s very engaging. Me being me, I get a sense almost of whimsy even with the sombre subject matter. I like that.

    • Julian, thank you so much. I think the whimsy is there. It comes out to me that way. I think it’s part of the way I can hold the somberness, to the point where it makes sense and lifts a bit.

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