Mmmmmmm. . . .

in the mind–

not the single, minuscule,
but the cosmotic,
quite gigantic,
Universal kind. . .

from there it flows,
spreading like
the small, but strong boll weevil,

thus giving rise
to all of Life,
+++++ so simple first,
+++++ but winding high
+++++ toward complexity–
+++++ where our ancient
+++++ Earth did see
+++++ our prototypes,v
+++++our brave parents primeval–
see Life’s success!–

Marvel at
the wide diversity
that learns to tame
all kinds of wild adversity,
in this sort of Universal

where we disperse
and reunite
in ne’er before felt unity,
composed of earth and ash
and sky and sea,
and what we thought belonged
to everybody else,
as well as what we felt was ours,

until we absolutely know
and see
the day
when that one wave
of magic wand
has changed us back
into just One–
a being of Infinity,

shining bright
to light the black
just like
a clear night’s sight,
when one can see
all tiny, shiny points
there with the brilliant river streak
spanned through the dark
that is our own home galaxy,
with all its friendly stars.

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