The Force Awakens
What a pleasure.

So glad I went in having heard next to nothing about it.

Some of my most enjoyable experiences of movies have come from a place of knowing next to nothing about the film. With no expectations (either good or bad), I can just let myself experience what’s there, and not filter it through my own prejudice, or someone else’s expressed opinion. And the big moments in the movie can have their full impact, when I haven’t seen half the movie already in a trailer or an ad. The element of surprise is kept alive.

So pleased to have been able to keep in the dark about this one, despite the hyper connectivity of our computer-glutted age. It may seem odd to say I was in the dark, seeing as it’s the 7th Episode in a blockbuster hit series. Of course, I was thrilled to be able to connect to the familiar humor and many references to the previous movies. But this movie still felt like a really fun and fresh experience for me, and doing my best to shelter myself from advance details about it was part of what let that unfold.

I was able to able to let that movie take me on a ride of suspense, of laughter, and lots more, I think maybe I enjoyed even more than my first time seeing the original Star Wars. (Maybe not more than my fourth viewing, but who’s counting? :~))

If you’re even slower than I to getting around to seeing it, you might try to see how little prior knowledge you can allow in, before seeing it. (Seeing it soon always helps, here).

If you’ve already seen it, it might be nice not to blab out much to people who still hope to getting around to enjoying it for the first time. It’s a general rule of my husband’s– he will try to find out from me whether I might ever want to see a movie he is talking about, so that he can avoid spoiling for me, if I do.

The fact that he follows a rule like that seems kind of quaintly considerate in this SHARE and SHARE and LIKE age, but it’s a consideration I appreciate from him, and that inspires me to extend it to others. He did not have to shield me this time, because it was his first time seeing the movie, too, and he also knew almost nothing in advance.

So, this time, he only sort of had to keep reminding me that we still had to see the movie, and made it clear he wanted us to squeeze it into our holiday yesterday. It meant for a bit of a tight schedule to get us there, but our evening outing to see The Force Awakens made for a wonderful ending to what had been beautiful, warm, clear blue sky day that we thoroughly enjoyed.

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