OK, so sometimes, things don’t go the way I want them to.

The good part is, I usually (maybe even always) learn something from that.

The trick is to learn something and incorporate it into myself in such a way that I will do better, love better, live better next time.

Or the next time after that. Or after that. Or some time, maybe way into the future.

Or maybe, I will live long enough to tell the tale, but still not extract the lesson, but I will tell the tale (maybe in writing), and someone else will extract a lesson from it. And do better. Live better. Love better, next time. Maybe even long after I’m dead and gone.

And so,
Do good.
Love well.
Live well.

Live and learn.
Love and be loved.
Live the life that fits you,
and only you,
just like a glove.

And, if you like to tell a tale,
perhaps tell yours. . .
and maybe lessons that, with you,
did not set sail,
will help another to a happier boat,
and empower it to propel.

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