Honesty is the best policy,

when you have erred
and slipped right into fallacies,
though they’re really not as bad
as your thinking has you scared–
there’s just not enough
substance there
your character to slay,
but, to you,
they seem too black
to speak
and feel too raw to see. . .

For now, then,
your challenge
is not to pile
lies on lies,
straining in the balance,

but just omit
to bare
your fallacies
and errors which
you maybe sometimes
still commit,

until the day
you’ve found a better
way to play,

and you no longer
need to wallow
in your long fault litany,

and fears of others eyes and ears
no longer hold you so much stronger
that you need wrestle hard
to hold them off, at bay–

you can conduct them rather,
as players in your symphony,

and maybe then,
will be the time,
that, at the faults of present
and of past,
no longer do you
stand aghast,
and you will bring them to the light
and with others,
join in human sympathy,

as your truest voice
will finally speak,
and your blessed inner fire bright
will sparkle forth
from where you stand
on your sunlit mountain top,
where you show your truest face,
at last,
for all to see.

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