Now and then
there comes a time
you gotta say
you just don’t wanna,

even though,
what’s been proposed
has been well planned,

and you know
that all of humankind,
or at least
the folks
most in your heart
and on your mind,
are gonna. . .

Despite the allure
of all the push-you, pull-you,
YOU must stay
the unflagging guide of you,
sometimes baffling
the nearest, dearest
that really THOUGHT they knew
what you would do,

you don’t always think,
don’t always want,
don’t always pursue
the things you used to,

and some times come
when you absolutely know
to what things
you must say NO,
before it’s clear
which new way
now to steer,
and which new things
you’ll now choose
to say yes to.

And that’s okay.
The raveling of those current mysteries
will see their day,
and do not always rush along
just because you’ve said
or felt
you want it, “Presto!”

But, now,
remember, too,
to breathe,

and know
that being true to you
is the best thing you can ever do,

and seeing through the saying no
is the very truest you can be

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