abound. . .

There is no intervention
at any intersection
which that inner-outer tendency of life
can manage to confound. . .

but if
we, with our hearts,
plunge down into
this gridlocked status quo,
its deeper truths
to sound,

we may emerge
and understand
it’s in the gaps,
the disappointments and mishaps
that true connection happens,

as in the leap
that life must make
to travel nerve to nerve
with each synapse,

and that “Aha!”
+++++can grace us with both calm and verve,
+++++which put in us a state
+++++that lets us
+++++just let go
+++++of everything we cannot do
+++++(or don’t),
+++++and what we do not know,

+++++and tells us that
+++++all the rest
+++++of our abilities
+++++and deeds,
+++++will prove more than adequate
+++++ourselves, our loves, our world to serve,

+++++from planting of a tiny seed
+++++into an absolutely wondrous tree,
+++++which from an imperfectly evolved design
+++++will stretch up
+++++like a morning yawn,
+++++and very tall and flexible and strong
+++++will grow.

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