so many years
he sits unnoticed,
maybe getting bored,

before his trunk
will finally trumpet
some dissonant, inimitable chord,

an elephantine
signal sound
“Now is MY time!”
so behemothic
more than epic,
way past mythic,
by then
has grown the need

that elephant,
so patient
in the living room,
grown, in his outcry,
so pathetic,

a call comes to your heart
that says,
his wants
must you
finally heed,

even if it likely means
you must a
little suffer,
drop your blinders,
all no-talking binders,
and your feelings’ self-protecting buffers,
in your seeing
to those oh so
long frozen needs
that must get freed,

you, too,
in paying the attention
even though you win no prize,
nor honorable mention,

it’s probable
that you will feel,
at last,

certainly not,
as you long thought,
brought helpless,
to your knees. . .

Quite to the contrary,
will be with yourself
and with your view
of the world’s general health
incomparably pleased.

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