What’s all the buzz–
the cause
of that endemic draw
toward the regular ritual
of getting a haircut?

While some think
long hair
makes you strong,
after it grows on and on,
you know,
it really feels
WAY too long,

and you feel
that you
just have to take the plunge,
and shed the bit
of that great length,
that feels too much,
accruing its residuals,

and submit
to some or other
coiffeur’s shears,
despite the risk of shoddy outcome
and the consequential fears. . .

and though
you may have also
heard some rumors
that it’s just cosmetic,
could not–
no way–
make you feel better,
and to think it would,
would be somehow quite supersticial. . .

Well for some,
maybe for a lot,
that IS what’s up,

but somehow
I have often noticed,
that, with a brand new coif,
I feel myself
to be more sure,
and maybe even “hot,”

and the resulting inner smiles
and cheer
run straight down
to penetrate
my courage-gathering gut,

and make me know
that I can take
my little life to town,

and, due to that trip,
my life will look
SO much more up,

because I’ll get
so very much more out of it
than just a little bit,

with my coif’s je-ne-sais-quoi

for I know
I will enjoy
and maybe also profit
from it
very, very much.

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