Stop or pause,
whatever you do,

though that can be
quite hard to do–
to take a minute,
while you’re wrapped up
in the world’s daily, droning humming. .

If need be,
whack your hands
together on each other,
count one-two-three,
or many,
till you hear a clap,
that perks your brain
with the sound
of ear drums drumming–

Wake up–
and then proceed to tap
into absolutely any love
that can be found
inside of you,
in people near,
or in the space that’s close around,
or in some aloof,
but fuzzy warm and purring cat. . .

Then, take a breath
into the low place of yourself
that’s most protected and profound,
and notice where there’s quiet,
where there’s movement,
where there’s sound–
and then,
let go. . .

Become a channel
through which love can flow
to ensure that it keeps coming,

Though, I know
it is so powerful,
maybe you fear it. . .

it’s true,
its winding power
has been known often
to reshape
the whole terroir
of grand landscapes,

but, in so doing,
love also sets things
free and straight,
so all that’s good
may circulate,

as it it feeds
the wondrous plumbing
of the spirit.

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