+++++intercedes. . .

The glittering glow
of gladness
+++++fades. . .

The gremlins grimace,
stealing their illicit ingress,
stirring havoc,
blurring bright of sweet sky blue
into an angry, cloudy chaos,
so, where they’ve slitted in,
much of that gladness,
outbleeds. . .

energy lulls
to lonely low. . .

the quiet sleeping
of naked trees,
so stark,
you’d think that in the wind
you’d hear them creaking
in their glades,
and plain green span
of simple grass in blades,
all keeping life in their insides,
now still, while it’s not yet time
to do their flowering
and re-leaving. . .

The grandeur in the winter clouding
for now,
just must suffice,
but it requires robust faith,
to try to read them
as a sort of face
and hinting
of the dormant spring,
that yet some weeks
in a cold string
will sleep further–
maybe forty winks–
before its
bursts and outing,
sprouting, flowering, full leaves growing,
bright life force
to rise, free flowing,
in the light
to rear and raise
eventual fruiting,
spirit, body, deep soul feeding. . .

of pinnacle of sun in sky
that runs as long or brief
as the dark pit of winter deep,
but somehow feels
so much more fleeting. . .

For now, though,
bare boughs
ask for bold faith-keeping,
supplicating pairs of hands,
palms facing,
raised to heart,
and eye to sky
to note
the cloudy knobs and spurts
and streaky spans, and squirts,
that decorate the arc
curved over us high,
with scant slant light
we get in dead of winter,
still in short supply. . .

And so I
bask in
every tiny scrap of glow
surrendering to nature’s glow,
to revel in it
as it is,
to wake and shake
each cell
of my cold skin,
that longs
to drink the coming summer in,
and let them feel
the confluence of water and salt
that caresses like a soda pop
and makes me feel fully awash
in the pleasure of its fizz.

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