One, two, three, four, five, six, seven,
deep winter blues
loose the worst grip
of their clenched talons,

as slow unwinds
this first week of the year–
a wet, dark, low
and floating balance,

Last day
of this first line
of calendar time,
now still new. . .

but our next hours,
will pass quite soon,
and it, too,
will have ticked
its full length through. . .

For now,
we see the sun’s now out,
and inched
from it solstice
extreme south hideout,
to climb
a few grades higher in the blue,

which signs
our lives
will soon rejoin
a new, fast upward path,
swept by the spring
that’s soon to hatch,

if we just endure a while,
with a modicum of luck,
cheered by an inner smile,
if we can just imagine
new green growth
shooting, flowering,
as is its pattern,

And perhaps we’ll see new things emerge
with this fresh year’s springtime surge,
as we get a bit more spring
back in our daily step,
to bring us
more to pursue
our heart song’s urge,

and open up
so that we may
by love and grace
a heretofore
unknown bounty
of happiness
in the deepest part of us,
greater than our strongest faith and hope
could possibly conceive.

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