How many people does it take to change a light bulb?

Should it be just one?

Or else, must all folks involved
be chalked up to be dumb?

Insults are tempting,
but, too oft,
are bereft
of compassion or thought,
and have less to do with
the person before you you’ve got
than with your knee jerk need
to do some general venting. . .

begin to allude
to all benevolent folks
you can think to include
when credit comes due,
to all those
who you find
in your light-changing endeavor
to be kind,
or at least willing, consenting. . .

from the ones at the cash
at the store that is vending,
or the ones in the factory
with light bulbs in the making or mending. . .

or the ones who will help
you for free
along with the sale of the one little bulb
that will shine steady red
when you stop or you slow,
to make you more visible, intelligible
on a dark road
where it’s cold
and there’s snow,

to some commonplace chick
who, against
what even she”d tend to think,
succeeds with one finger twist,
or flick of the wrist,
to remove the old bulb
where two guys
able and strong may have missed. . .

sometimes in cooperation,
more can get done
than with some puffed-up sense
of independent creation,
and the light-changing deed
will take not one more
nor one less
than one needs,

to what we self-driven
might tend
to believe.

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