Another day,
another bargain–

struck between two lovers–

each one concedes
a self-directed seed–

and thus can blend the wills,
to make them tend
into one will to bleed,
and soften up the pair’s good fit
to fine tune it,
without the need
for tailors or for expert glovers,

and once they’ve got the old seeds
out to the four winds thrown
and new seeds together sown,
and tossed their weighty cartons,

it gets quite clear
that they’ve set forth
in a new vein
that flows with greater love,

which lays the ground
with new ways to believe,
so both can win in haggling,
and the pact is one
that both can gladly
sink their hearts in,

and each can ditch
their self-justifying crutch,
which they too often used to couch
in empty jargon.

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