Friday. . .
free up your mind
from all its inner obstacles,
and chains
of any kind. . .

investigate new planes
to see what new things
+++++can slide right in
+++++to light your body cells
+++++and heady brains,

+++++and warm each part
++++++++++that makes
++++++++++some of the sum of you,

+++++as they soften
+++++and ignite
+++++your heart,

+++++and spur you on
+++++with brand new fire
+++++along your trusty way,
+++++to keep along
+++++or else to take
+++++your maybe-needed,
+++++daring turn
+++++to a new fork
+++++in more accord
+++++with your desire,

+++++which sets you on
+++++your self-blazed road,
+++++which you then etch
+++++from your new and stoked get-go,
+++++on a heretofore
+++++undreamed upon
+++++and fresh, exciting start.

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