Step in stride,
late in day,
by December’s definite
and stubborn quick
steep fall into
eventide. . .

From light to dark
in one fell slip–
no cozy fade
to warm, short night
from a day that’s hotly lit. . .

Our corner of the Earth
has, for this year end,

and though our hearts
and bodies
cannot by all the glitter
and the cheer
be wholly fooled,

we will still celebrate
with candles, gifts,
songs, stories, crafts
and sundry artifacts bejeweled,

But in our solitary moments,
we turn,
look inward, deep,
to see our own reflection
in the long, dark night,
and grow to better understand
the shape of it,

till we relax
into a we
that is more us–
even if we
must dismiss a bit
our modern world
and the pace of it,

to let us
in individuality
and unity
in chorus
shine stronger, longer, bright,

as we in our connection,
hand to hand,
can graciously and consciously
into the soul
of Everything and All
accept to blend,
and endlessly expand.

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