Crushing similarity
can only be embraced,
when tempered well with
understanding difference,

which may entail
some blushing and temerity,
perhaps some tears
rolled down my face,
as I grope
to breach the distance,

and plod
with angry bursts
that calm,
like fierce storms
bringing clarity,
and shedding of ingrown belief,
exposing fears that leave me stripped,
cold for a bit,
but but stirred about
so dark clouds do disperse
or lift,

and what is thus revealed
could not be
borrowed, begged or stealed,

but only grown from
pains and joys,
and sincere vows
and clever ploys,
delighting laughters
desperate groans,

until Love
holds me from all around
and I feel no more
quite so alone

when in comes
a brand-new view
on what means me
and what means you,

and what
wonder brilliance
we will do,
with unprecedented grace.

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