I need to look
into MY eyes,

and drink
the shiny, colored
beauty there,
in every roll
and blink
and sunlight-fluttering

an effort
so to shake my mope,

and aid
into a better mode
to hypnotize. . .

So I can also
into YOUR eyes,

my fellow human
or other member
of creation
till I remember
and fully savor
our connection. . .

and enter in
my work
of earthly

so I can spread
the light
that circulates
out through my eyes,

spun from
the fire
in my gut,
my heart,
my soul,
my brainy head,

in driest drought
or drenching rain,
the life-sustaining wet,
and emanating out
to the far reaches
of this globe
and to the starlit blackness
of the endless

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