I miss you

I miss you

How gone?
So long?

We barely knew ye. . .
though we learned much
in your arms,
in your voice,
in all of your skill
and the stuff you could teach,

and in how you would stride
to keep us in reach. . .
in the very feel
of your warm, tender touch. . .
in the games that you led
on the bounce of your knee. . .

But, alas,
you were
so soon
flown free–
or apart–

though, God knows,
you ARE my still my Dad
and you live in my blood
and my eyes,
in my gait,
in all about me
that is bitter
and all that is sweet. . .

in the breath of my lungs
in the beat of my heart–

In the glare
of the summer’s warm rays. . .

in the scrawny, gray feel
of these shortening days,

On a bike,
at a game–
in ever so many things
that were your domain. . .

in the memories
of the wonderful toys
that you got
or you made,

oh and in too many other
for me to remember
ordinary, fatherly,
generous ways.

Let me blow you again
that very last kiss
that I laid on your cheek
after your heart
had just ceased to beat.

And I WILL blow it far
so it gets up above,
all the way to you,Daddy,
the one
that I know
and who
I’ll always love.

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