If your wish
is to be heard,

choose carefully
to find a good
direction, intonation…

if you’d take pride
more to be heard,
quite clear and well,
and far and wide,

then, find the aptest
room or corner,
perhaps with
wavy, glassy dormers–
for best reverberation. . .

and enter there
and carefully seek
its good or better side
to face
and speak–

and then
just wait. . .

to see whether
what you’ve said
will take,

in those
you hold
most dear to you,

and in
many other humans too,
if that is
your desire true,

and if you’d like to see
your word
yet a little farther go
along its road,
perhaps even
around the globe,

perchance, the sound may
even ride
clear across the oceans–

until the air
has seen it through
and ears of people
will therefore
all be hearing you–
in each and every nation.

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