the deep-seated
human error
that occurs
when we ignore
the Universe’s
wise, old order. . .

It is a way
we may earn much,
of money, dirt,
pretty friends
with whom to flirt,
and lots of other stuff–

but a way,
which, in the end,
just does not pay–
and one day,
finally, we’ll see,
that way, we’ll never have enough. . .

Then will comes the time
from our tunnel vision
to wrest ourselves,

and then,
to look
and maybe even

if, at all, we can,
to let us see
the clear direction
that we can turn our pivot,

then, in humility
+++++to act
+++++to give,
++++++++++in the power of serving
++++++++++with graciousness, civility,
and begin to forge
+++++a new reality
+++++that feels as good
+++++as a perfect, comfy glove,
+++++for it is rooted mighty deep,
+++++and branches broad
+++++in everlasting love.

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