Crisp. . .
+++++clear. . .
++++++++++oblique shine sun. . .

the vestige grasps
+++++of blushing leaves
++++++++++express cheer. . .

+++++heal, arch, toe, propelling rolls:
++++++++++bold steps in progression,

increasing hopes,
+++++gently pacing strides
++++++++++succeed, slow and gracefully
+++++++++++++++to mount slopes. . .

+++++just when,
++++++++++for this season-year,
+++++++++++++++we finally knew the ropes,

the still, diffuse light
+++++that illuminates from high,
++++++++++our rich blue bay
+++++++++++++++and broad, pale sky–

Oh, look!
+++++How bright!–
its ringing hills
+++++in curving
++++++++++panorama. . .

All this
+++++infuses me
++++++++++with breath
+++++++++++++++and life
that I will guard safe
+++++in my deep down belly fire

so I may ever walk
+++++in surest gait,
and still speak
++++++++++what I see that’s true and right,
+++++++++++++++right through
++++++++++++++++++++the tremors
+++++++++++++++and the chills
++++++++++++++++++++that haunt me through the dead of winter.

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