When the weather
veers toward winter
and you’ve trouble
feeling centered,

though distractions
do not melt
nor freeze,
nor fail to move from
and might trip up
your ankles or your knees,

It gets
all that much
more essential
for you to focus
on your purpose–

to strive forth
with your life’s potential

In short,
you will find,
that when the days
turn short and chilly,
it’s truly best
that you steer
well clear
of certain kinds
of excess,

and understand,
that as a living thing,
you may find, this time,
though you to winter are not new,
the winter test
can challenge you,
before it’s through,
down to the tier
of your continued being. . .

So it may be worth
where and whence you come
and where you’re going to,
every time you should go forth–
though that might seem obvious
or silly–

Lest you be caught
from the world
leagues apart,

for losing sight
of the path
of your own heart,
if your mind
should tempt you
to walk
too willy-nilly

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