Are you ready?

Are you ready
for the coming winter?

Can you breathe
and move
a few degrees
dragged slower,

and accept
to seem to the outside
as if you might be dead,

since you’ll have shed the old,
so that your current life,
can rest in hope and faith,

so that,
once you’ve come to
the other side,
the new life
that’s had a chance
to germinate,
will eventually shoot up,
much stronger, greener, better?. . .

It is a somewhat daunting task,
so it is no wonder,
if in your shoes you shake a bit,
and in your teeth,
a little chatter.

But I will hold
in love and light
a space for you,

as you brave this choice
you have,
while gray skies
and rain comes down,

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2 Responses to ARE YOU READY?

  1. Kay Salady says:

    Oh wow, such an excellent write!

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