Many years ago, I was working in the office of a small, but successful company. A lot of the power computer work (work requiring big computer memory) was done by the administrative staff, so the partners of the firm did not exactly have the state of the art on or in their computers.

He was working on a computer that had 4 Megabytes of memory. Yes– 4 Megs.

Maybe hard to believe, living now in an era when “Megabyte” is maybe not even in the vocabulary of some adults these days.

I remember him pointing out his humble 4 Meg’s, which I guess must have been causing him a bit of frustration now and then, saying, with a lilt in his voice, “It’s an 8-Meg world!”

I thought that was pretty funny at the time, and it stuck in my mind. Brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it.

Anyway, what was my point?

Oh, yes!

The learning curve on life in the online world of the 21st Century seems to be relentlessly steep, and with no end in sight– as things change so quickly.

Many wonders lurk ahead.

I guess where I will come out in the heap remains to be seen, but it could possibly be pretty good.

And it is funny look back on those 8 Megs, that used to function adequately for one person’s business needs.

Nowadays, you might get a couple of songs into those 8 Megs if you were lucky. A bit ridiculous, the vast array of things one can and does do with a 2 pound dinosaur laptop at one’s fingertips. Or even a relatively petite, wide as a sidewalk I-Phone 6.

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2 Responses to ONCE UPON A MEG

  1. Oh, those were the days! I remember when there was no internet. No Word, but some other thing that doesn’t exist anymore. When companies would often have all their computers crash and have to wait until the tech people fixed the problem. When computers were HUGE but couldn’t do as much at all.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Linda.

      In retrospect, it’s quite striking just how different things have become.

      That said, I am not referring as far back as a no-Word era– I think the 8 megs the partner dreamed of would not exactly have been keeping pace with the cutting edge at the time. I’m guessing maybe 16 or greater might have been more like it.

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