What’s deeply sweet
does not come
from factories, refined,

nor even from a hive
where bees work
in a similar state of mind–

nor does it even grow
in ground,
on vine,
nor even dangling
high from trees–

it’s not so quick
to get to it,
but the wonder
it will give
may bring you,
awestruck, to your knees. . .

It comes in what you’re meant to do
and meant to be,
and from a steely will
and clarity
of how you can give to the world
in such a way
that the world’s destiny
is gracefully unfurled,

and in a way that you
and only YOU’ll do best,
which feeds all mouths
inside your nest,

but, most of all,
in such a way
that you receive
each and every kind of thing–
material and ethereal–
that will satisfy
some of your most whimsy whims
and each iota of the things
you truly, deeply need.

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