just an itty bitty
bite of food
or sip of drink
or ray of warm sunlight
will hit the spot enough
to leave you deeply satisfied–

at least,
until you’ve turned the tide,
so you can reach that safer shore
where you can find
and then take in
a modest share
of the brighter future,
where there’ll be more
than you could think,
it you’ve subscribed
to the rampant lore
that has you scared
that the sum supply
of all we want and need
is so very scarce,

But, with time and distance,
it gets clear
that together
all of us
can spread our feast
near anywhere,
to share the bounty even further,

and it will be so much
the better,
if we do that
in delicious peace and love
without the drone
of old, naysaying chatter,
and free from the skeptical
and condescending glare.

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