History repeats itself:
the phrase is almost right–

for nothing is identical,
though cycles rule
the realms
of happy order
and of pain and strife. . .

sometimes a circle’s
vicious tendency
makes for vile dependency–
and, at others,
spins our spirits
sparking spirals in ascendancy,
and letting matters settle out
in ways quite worthy of
a gleeful shout,
as is the way
of peace
and life. . .

Much as we strive
to ground ourselves
in sacred rituals,
our toils’ spoils may
shrink to pitiable,
to a puny shape and size
quite vulnerable
to ridicule,

for none of it’s
entirely predictable,
but for the fact of constant change–

if we’re kind of lucky,
day and night. . .

But we of hopes
and dreams and love
that conquer
anger, sadness, fear
must gather often with our peers,

so that
shameful long injustices
dissolve. . .

and a world that’s fair
and beautiful for all
springs from
deep down
where in the ground
lurk hidden seeds quite small,

to start new life
our better angels
can help grow,

so our visions
fruit and flower
easily and gracefully
rooted strong
as we will come to see
as we develop
in our love
and in our deeper sight.

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