It’s Chewsday, Friends!
It’s time to lick those choppers!

Use them
to cut and tear
and mash
your food from crude
to fine,
within your body, now and here,
and coax your mouth to juicy moist,
its liquids happily and tastily
to drench-dissolve your food of choice,

so that
the food and you
do blend,
as that living watery stuff
you smoothly swallow
is slowly sent
both high and low

to deepest gut
and outmost skin,

clear from your face,
soft belly and whole front
through to your upstanding back,
as thoroughly as you could want,

to let your tasting pleasure savor
everything your table
and your life
can put on offer,

so that your spirit fills,
more rich,

and you’ll have more
to share from it
than the biggest miser’s
giant coffers.

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