A pair o’ what?

an unmatched
pair of socks. . .

a model that may melt. . .

a mannequin
to hang one’s hopes on. . .

you should care
because it really counts. . .

the outer limits
of where there’s stupid units
we call parking meters. . .

one story tells another
in a way
that isn’t always simple,
in our current century,
it may possibly be Share-able. . .

a simple arching symmetry
that cuts a cone diagonally
as it opens to infinity. . .

a place that’s really, really nice–
I’d like to
fly there
if I just had wings. . .

But, like this whole recitation,
which is Greek to me,
at present
I can merely
seek to see
just what that
might add up to
and exactly what
arrival there
for me would bring.

in between,
I’ll do my best
to live right here,
and be the best good me–
no need ‘gainst others to compare,
and as such, I’m without peer,
and part of what that means for me
is just keep on with daily being,
playing, working, laughing, crying,
and my poetic license plying,

And with each chance I will be spying,
I’ll also stand–
perchance alone,
perchance with band or friend–
‘fore any who an ear or eye
will lend,

And then,
I’ll smile very wide,
with my pair
of happy, shining eyes,
and my pair
of feet
that step and skip and slide,
and a voice that wants to try
more things it’s never tried,

and let loose
the secret energy
hid deep inside–
to share it,
so that
what I have
may magically
be multiplied,

once I finally begin
to really use my pairs
of lungs and legs and arms and feet
to truly dance and sing.

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