I matter.

any time I spend
on getting free
and space I mend
to make it possible
myself to tend,
and my life to happiness and freedom bend
could not be spent
one slim whit better,

even though
there’s plenty chatter
that would have me serving
anybody else’s
whim-formed end
before the needs of me,
my most wise and trusty friend. . .

but I will walk,
my own pace-setter,
in the face of such off talk,
and I’ll follow every
bump and curving
my own blazing
trail shall send,
and step aside
from views and those
who would intrude
and block my plans,
or invade my mind
to incite me be
my own
life’s dream upsetter,

For I will realize my brilliant vision
in deep spirit,
even if to do so means
I must mute
my eye-corner’s view
to wend my way around
seducing sirens’ luring sound
calling me,
from the true path
I have
laid out for me,
with lots of lush sweet song
and sparkly glitter.

And from their distracting, me-detracting talk
I’ll plug my ears
to gird myself and blind,
so their message no receiver finds,
as my deep ear bones
will not tremor–
and I won’t hear it. . .

I’ll clean the river
whose flow is solely mine,
and where it’s jammed,
I’ll also clear it,

to stream most powerfully
the power of my self-steering mind,
so that my life’s work and dream
will splash onto the scene,
restoring sense
giving my dream it’s big chance
to the world
to endear it. . .

For though
I’m not usually
a big bettor,
the vision of my
truest spirit
will end up trumping
anybody else’s
law and letter.

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