When you wish
on someone else
a thing you’d never
in your better moments
wish upon yourself,

it’s time
to turn your eyes
into your feelings
and your mind,

to fathom
how they would put out
the meanest wish
that you could find.

Widen up
and deepen down. . .

and note
where you’ve been
numb and blind
to things that
didn’t feel quite right,

our fellow beings
our life’s good doings
work the best
when they are
somehow more

when you’ve pointed out
the other person’s sin,

just know,
you’re not near through
until you take
a good, long look
at you,
within. . .

and rise above. . .

and turn instead,
to you
and others all about,
with the best wishes
that you can,

for thus,
your heart establishes,
with your sincerest focus
and your love,
a world in which
our vital work
together here
can finally begin.

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